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March 19, 2020


In the midst of everything going on with the pandemic, we wanted to share some insights, in hope they might benefit others. It can be easy to get caught up in fears with all the uncertainty. Fear clouds the heart and creates stress in the body. Stress has many impacts on the body and it’s ability to repair itself. It’s known to impact our immune system and our emotional state of being, due to shallow breathing that impacts the oxygen levels in the brain.

Finding peace in uncertainty

Remember that even in the midst of uncertainty, we can find peace and comfort. This begins with deep breathing as we relax our mind and get centered within the self. Take a slow and deep relaxed breath and notice how the body responds. We expand on this by focusing on gratitude and reflection with deep breathing.

Getting centered within

As we remain centered in the heart, the mind calms down and our fears subside. Breathing combined with mental and physical relaxation are crucial for this. Our breath leads the relaxation. We are all in this together, and that is perhaps one of the greatest lessons we can learn out of this. It's also a good reminder to exercise compassion and gratitude towards others.

Here are a few things to help the mind-body-soul connected system.

• Hydrate by drinking plenty of water. It's an important factor for health, our immune system and stress reduction.

• Stretching and exercise are important for circulation and well-being. When needing to stay inside, it may require some creativity, but fortunately there are many videos online for free.

• The power of deep breathing increases oxygen in the body. This helps boost the immune system, lower stress levels, and overall well-being.

• Meditation, a daily practice of embracing silence, helps ease the mind and release resistance. The mind will continue to seek out more of its focal point. Silence helps slow down and eventually stop the momentum, allowing us to redirect the mind into a more optimistic perspective.

• Mindful thinking, a practice of maintaining awareness over your thoughts and actions. What you give attention to expands. By practicing positive thoughts combined with feeling-based affirmations of well-being, we can redirect and focus our intentions in ways that benefit and guide us.

Remember, a single breath is all it takes to get grounded and centered within.

We wish you all well-being and we are sending love and light!!!