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Here at OMAURA SKIN, we unite with a strong passion and mission on getting to the core of what makes the most effective and healthiest skincare. After decades of research and experience, and after countless hours of creating, perfecting and testing our formulations, we believe that we are helping to pave the way into the evolution of beauty. We hold deep appreciation, gratitude and love with what we have created, and are creating for future products to come, and we hope you do as well.

Here are some key distinguishing differences that set our company and our products apart from others:

Organic + Unrefined Ingredients
We believe in using minimally processed ingredients that are cold pressed and held up to the highest standards. Therefore we source certified organic, unrefined and fair trade ingredients, where possible for all of our products. This ensures the highest quality of naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants and omegas for healthy and proven results.

Handcrafted in Small Batches
Many companies source out their manufacturing process, or purchase a base product mixture and add their label for an up-charge (known as white labeling). We create all of our own formulations and do our own manufacturing. This results in products that are healthy and held to the highest standards that we're proud to use ourselves.

Unique Manufacturing Process
We have manufacturing techniques that are unique and effective in keeping the integrity of each and every ingredient we use, ensuring the nutrients and antioxidants stay preserved. What is considered a standard approach to manufacturing throughout the skin care industry was not an approach that we wanted to mirror. Our manufacturing process takes more time and love than the standard manufacturing methods, but it truly makes all the difference and is well worth it in the end. Fulfilling our mission is the only path that we will honor and proceed with, and our manufacturing process supports our goals.

Nutrient-rich + Chemical Free
All of our products are free from water, alcohol, fillers, parabens and fragrances. We believe this results in a safer and more effective product, for what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our body. We are advocates of ingredient awareness and strongly encourage consumers to review and educate themselves on every ingredient throughout products used and consumed.

• Natural Preservatives
We do not add any parabens, which are synthetic preservatives, but we do have natural preservatives in our products. Our ingredients were meticulously selected for all of our product formulations to ensure natural preservation. The result is products that are safe and effective for 12 months from opening.

Ingredient Transparency
We are passionate about ingredient transparency and remain completely transparent with all of our products and their ingredients. This is why we use high quality essential oils for our scents, for better health, and because of the lack of transparency with fragrances. We are completely transparent with our essential oil blends for the safety of our consumers. We also adhere to the recommended guidelines for essential oil dilution, which is less than 2% for leave on products.

Spreading Awareness
We have a drive and passion to spread awareness on product knowledge and the science of skin. We also encourage and support a mind-body-soul lifestyle. Harmonizing the mind-body-soul connected system is what takes us to the core of what makes a better beauty and a more thriving lifestyle… resulting in the evolution of beauty.