Journey with Omaura (symbolizing a healthy aura) to the core of what makes a better beauty. Integrating the powerful gifts of Nature + Science + Intuition, while harmonizing the Mind + Body + Soul, induces healthy and optimal results. Understanding that everything is energy, connects us into higher consciousness and greater well-being, which brings us into the cutting edge of expansion. Our elevated skin care + well-being rituals transcend the body + mind into a higher frequency of thriving energy.

When parts of the body accumulate energy blockages from negative energy, such as toxins, stress or dis-ease, they are no longer vibrating at their optimal sound wave frequency. Our foundation is built upon the understanding on how to clear or transcend lower (dense) vibrations into higher vibrations. Our mission is to use the highest vibrations from Nature’s purest, powerfully active, yet gentle ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin to nourish and rejuvenate, while working energetically on a deeper level to enhance the emotional state + overall well-being = transcending results. Learn more by viewing how we are different and our ingredient benefits.

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
- Nikola Tesla







Conscious Skin Care

The skin is the largest organ of the body, absorbing what we expose it to. That’s why our conscious skin care is sourced and created through heightened mindfulness and love, using only the highest-quality of Nature’s pure + healthy ingredients.

We use certified organic, cold-pressed, unrefined, vegan and certified cruelty-free ingredients. Our formulations are water-free, which allows us to never use any hormone-disturbing ingredients, synthetic preservatives, toxic chemicals and other synthetic ingredients that have detrimental side effects to the skin, body + mind.

We are an eco-conscious, sustainable company, and it is a standard for us. Committed with passion, to helping improve our environment in any way we can. We focus on sustainable practices throughout our company, from carefully selecting every ingredient through sustainable sources, from our containers / packaging, shipping materials, to our manufacturing. Omaura Skin is truly conscious skin care at its best.

Mind - Body - Soul

The skin is a reflective state of the body + mind. This is why our products + insights are dedicated to harmonizing the mind-body-soul. When the mind-body-soul connected system is in balance, better beauty, greater health and well-being becomes more abundant, allowing the inner light to shine through. Beauty truly starts from within. By focusing on outer results with inner reflection, harmonious balance is restored.

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restoring natural radiance

Unleash the magic in you

Do you know how magical you are? By balancing, nourishing + replenishing the skin’s protective barrier function, the skin has the capability to regenerate into its natural state + optimal potential. In this, the skin holds in nutrients and the perfect amount of moisture, increases cell turnover, self-exfoliates, while allowing the skin’s microbiome (flora) to protect against invading bacteria and foreign pathogens. If we feed the skin what it needs to function at this optimal wavelength, its natural brightness + radiant glow is manifested automatically.

Omaura Skin is dedicated 100% to encourage + support the skin’s magnificent + ornate functional abilities in creating miracles, while non-interfering and balancing with the true abundance of the nature of skin.


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We are proud to be certified cruelty-free through the Leaping Bunny Program.