Our mission is to help induce the healthiest and most radiant skin while accentuating the inner beauty. We believe that by using the purest and highest quality ingredients, we get the best results. Therefore we use organic ingredients for a healthier you and a better environment. While being eco-conscious, we wish to inspire and empower others through our products.

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The skin is the largest organ of the body, absorbing anything we expose it to. This is why we believe in using all-natural ingredients without fillers and preservatives, for a more concentrated and effective product. Our products help detox and nurture the outer and inner structure of the body, thereby feeding the best nutrients to the cellular structure of the body.

Beauty goes beyond the skin. The skin is merely a reflection of what is happening from inside the body and mind. The inner structure of the body is just as important as the outer structure of the body. We have a passion for creating products that support a thriving experience for great vitality and the best beauty.

When the function of our body is working at its optimum, the outer beauty expresses that with a healthy, youthful, luminous glow. We celebrate the power of nature with every ingredient that we add, creating products that we are proud of and feel blessed in using ourselves.


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Mind-Body-Soul is a wondrously connected system, working harmoniously together. Understanding, supporting and tapping into its power gifts us with the guidance in healing and manifesting our true desires.

The body is a magnificent system of intelligence, capable of far more than current medical science can explain. Our cells are constantly observing and responding to our thoughts. We understand that a healthy mind helps create a healthy body. This works interchangeably, as a healthy body is as equally important for creating a healthy state of mind. Integrating the two brings forth a deeper connection with our inner guidance system (spirit). When the body is healthy, we find a correlation with the mind and soul connection. This is what led us to adding affirmative statements to our labels. We believe that beauty truly starts from within.

Omaura Skin helps to orchestrate and support a balanced harmony of the three connected systems. Creating products that look after your body and mind, as well as encourage your attention to go inwards. Omaura Skin isn't just skincare, it is a way of life for a thriving Zen lifestyle.  


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The birthing of Omaura Skin begins with a love story between Annette and James-Simon Schmidt. When they first met, they stood together in awe as they gazed into each other's eyes. They've been nearly inseparable ever since, uniting with a passion to create, inspire and help others.

Annette began her journey studying the science of skin and obtaining a masters in esthetics. After finding little success in using the seemingly best products available, she embarked on a journey to get to the core understanding of what makes the best skincare regimen. This led her on a spiritual journey of awareness and self-discovery, as well as gaining a deeper understanding on product/ingredient knowledge. James-Simon's background in metaphysics, technology and business, allowed their energies to blend and birth Omaura Skin.

We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

To a better you!